Der Lutherweg in Mansfeld-Südharz

The so-called Lutherweg is a touristic route, leading through the Federal states Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Bavaria. The common project, organized by churches, tourism associations and local authorities aims at attracting pilgrims, hikers and visitors alike who are interested in Luther and the Reformation.

The Lutherweg leads 410km through Saxony-Anhalt, starting in Wittenberg to Lutherstadt Eisleben with two route alternatives. Either taking the northern route via Dessau/Roßlau and Bernburg to the Lutherstadt or hiking along the southern route via Dübener Heide and Halle/Saale towards Eisleben. The route continues towards Mansfeld and Stolberg and over the frontier to Thuringia. There are connections with other German-wide or even European hiking trails, for example the Jacob’s Trail.

Around 70km of the Lutherweg lead through the Mansfeld-Südharz district, passing by the following 12 stops:

-      Unterrißdorf Luthers „Kalte Stelle“

-      Lutherstadt Eisleben mit folgenden 5 Punkten:

Ø  Luthers Geburtshaus

Ø  St. Petri Pauli Kirche / Zentrum Taufe

Ø  St. Andreas Kirche

Ø  Sterbehaus

Ø  St. Annenkirche / Augustiner-Eremiten Kloster

-      Mansfeld Lutherstadt mit folgenden 3 Punkten:

Ø  Schloss Mansfeld

Ø  Luthers Elternhaus

Ø  Kirche St. Georg

-      Gorenzen (St. Laurentius Kirche Gorenzen)

-      Wippra (St. Marien Kirch zu Wippra)

-      Stolberg (St. Martini Kirche Stolberg)