Luther´s Land and Müntzer`s Home


Mansfeld-Südharz is the home of two important personalities, who deeply influenced the Reformation through their ideas and actions thus establishing a new Christian concept of freedom.

Numerous museums, churches and exhibitions intensively focus on Luther´s and Müntzer´s lives and work. Join us on a journey through history and follow the steps of two great visionaries. Be witness of the mining culture, enjoy the beautiful nature on numerous biking and hiking paths and relax with a glass of regional wine at one of our attractive lakes.

Martin Luther
Martin Luther, the central figure of the Reformation, was born on the 10th of October in 1483 in Eisleben, where he died, too. Whereas many regions have to construct connections to Luther or to other reformers in a cumbersome way, Mansfeld-Südharz can refer to the statement: “This is where I come from”, to show the county`s great meaning for the Reformation. Explore where Luther was born, where he grew up, where he preached his last sermon and where he eventually died.

Thomas Müntzer
Among experts it is controversially disputed whether Thomas Müntzer who was born in Stolberg around 1489, can be defined as a “reformer”. What is clear, however, is that Müntzer was an important figure in the history of the Reformation. Initially spiritual brothers, Luther and Müntzer drifted apart from each other more and more. Along with the farmers, Müntzer fought against social injustice and rebelled against the church authorities. Follow the steps of the rebel Müntzer from his place of birth, Stolberg, to the place of his famous Sermon to the Princes, Allstedt.